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With deep understanding of tax regulations, the long standing practice of dealing with tax related issues, accountability to tax authorities, and commitment to providing the most cost effective services for business, NOW is providing tax related services, including:
  • Review the current payable taxes in relation with actual business, business field and business objectives;
  • Consider the impact of tax policy on business development plans, projects of the business;
  • Proposing solution to minimize the tax cost in line with the business objective. Guide and assist the business in the implementation of such solutions;
  • Consulting tax incentives and exemptions applicable to businesses;
  • Consulting to set up a reasonable financial structure for tax benefits
  • Advise for a reasonable salary system to save taxes for businesses and bring benefits to workers;
  • Advise appropriate adjustments on income, expenses for tax purposes;
  • Consulting for dealing with special operations for tax purposes;
  • Advice on investment and business strategies to reduce taxes;
  • Advise forecast changes in tax policy;
  • In addition NOW also provides other traditional tax-related services as follows:
    • Declaration and settlement of VAT, CIT, personal income tax;
    • Compile dossiers requesting VAT refund;
    • Compiling dossiers requesting the enterprise income tax exemption and / or reduction;
    • To compile dossiers of application for preferential treatment, reduction or exemption of CIT or import tax in cases eligible for investment preferences;
    • Revise and advise deductible reasonable expenses to calculate taxable income;
    • Consultancy on reduction of the temporarily paid CIT;
    • Assistance in explaining, settling and tax complaints;
    • Other issues related to tax, invoices and vouchers.