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T2 - T6 : 8h - 17h
  • Corporate Finance Consultancy:
    • Corporate restructuring consultancy;
    • Equitization and privatization consultancy; Procedures related to the issuance and listing of securities;
    • Consulting valuation of assets, valuation of enterprises;
    • Consultation on financial verification and verification of business operations;
    • Merger and acquisition consultancy…
  •  Risk management:
    • Assess the current state of risk of the business;
    • Internal audit;
    • Review, set up internal control system…
  • Investment consulting:
    • Research investment and evaluate the investment environment;
    • Market research and evaluation of business lines;
    • Make investment projects feasible;
    • Consulting Investment incentives…
  • Established business consulting:
    • Select the type of enterprise based on considering the advantages and disadvantages of each type of industry, scale and objectives of the enterprise.;
    • Procedures, dossiers and steps to set up and put the enterprise into operation;
    • Tax and investment incentives applicable to enterprises;
    • Plan of tax savings opportunities before founding;
    • Business registration, seal making, tax registration under the authorization of the enterprise…